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Tiny Travel Story: Spain

What's Barcelona Like?

Easily the most cosmopolitan city in Spain, Barcelona is a cultural melting pot with something to offer everyone who visits. Alive with music, art, food, literature and architecture, the city thrives during both the day and night all year long. Barcelona is separated into a number of neighborhoods called "Barris" that each have their own unique style and points of interest. The Eixample neighborhood houses some of the city's best shopping and is known for the numerous restuarants and bars that dot the grided streets. Pobleneu is young and lively with modern residences and numerous discotecas. Gracia is the most charming of the Barcelona neighborhoods, complete with the classic cafés one envisions when dreaming of Spain. Barri Gotic and Ciutat Vella are the oldest sections of the city known for their gothic architectural masterpieces and cobblestone alleys. El Raval is a bright and artful with a cultural mix, and the Sagrada Familia neighborhood is home to the famous Gaudí cathedral that gives it its name. Barcelona is truly the ultimate city to appease every sort of visitor. The famous pedestrian walkway of Las Ramblas is home to an array of shops, street performances and cafés. Barcelona?s sunny climate, numerous parks and beaches make it an ideal location for students looking for a city with both outdoor and metropolitan life and art lovers the world over will appreciate Barcelona?s world-renowned museums and art nouveau architectured from Antoni Gaudí.

Region and Population

Barcelona has a population of approximately 1.7 million, is the capital of the autonomous community of Cataluña, and is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Home to some of the nation's riches resources, it is one of Spain's most prosperous and attractive regions.


Barcelona has a very pleasant climate due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. The warm and cool breezes from the sea regulate the climate and keep Barcelona at an annual average temperature of 61 degrees Fahrenheit. The summers are sunny and hot and the winters are mild and bright with some rainfall.

Water temperatures for the beaches are pleasant 4 months (June - September) out of the year with an average temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Average monthly highs and lows (ºF) and rainfall (inches) in Barcelona:

Avg. Rainfall1.

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