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The Alhambra, a 13th century citadel nestled high in the hills of Granada, boasts classic examples of Moorish architecture.

Tiny Travel Story: Spain

What's Granada Like?

Are you ready to exchange your U.S. classroom for an adventurous semester or year in exotic, historical, rugged Granada? Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Granada's natural beauty is rivaled only by its unique architectural legacy. Visit the Alhambra fortress, the last Moorish stronghold in Spain until 1492, or see the Royal Chapel where Isabel and Ferdinand, Spain's most famous King and Queen, are buried. Go skiing in the snow-capped mountains or swim in the blue-green water of the Mediterranean Sea in one of Granada's nearby natural beaches. Entangle yourself in the lives and culture of the 80,000 other students that attend the University of Granada. Regardless of your hobbies or interests, there is something for everyone in Granada!

With one in four inhabitants being a university student, you'll notice that Granada is a city that is youthful, alive, and vibrant. There's no surprise, then, to discover that tapas, or small hors d'oeuvres, are served for FREE in Granada with the purchase of a beverage. You'll also discover before long that Granadinos work to live, and don't live to work. Stores close for the historical tradition of the siesta, and you'll find yourself eating an Andalusian feast in the middle of the day, only to be followed by a soothing nap. The mild climate of Granada invites its locals to live their lives in the streets; you'll see students, families, children, couples and the elderly strolling throughout the city, enjoying good company and conversation and pleasant weather. Granada offers a distinct quality of life that you'll easily love.

Region and Population

The city of Granada is located in the heart of Andalucia, in southern Spain. It's only one hour by bus to the Sierra Nevada ski resort or the beaches of the Costa Tropical - a perfect location for a variety of outdoor activities.

The population of Granada is approximately 250,000.


Winters are cold and summers long and hot in Granada. The spring and autumn are nice and mild. In general, the sun shines year-round. Many homes in Granada's mild climate do not have central heating, so don't forget to bring warm pajamas for the cool Andalucian nights! Average monthly highs and lows (degrees Fahrenheit) and rainfall (inches) in Granada:
Avg. Rainfall1.

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