International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987

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Spanish Language & Courses with Locals - Universidad de Málaga

This program is designed for superior level Spanish-speakers wanting to take content courses with local students taught in Spanish. Participating students select courses from the University of Málaga's Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, which include courses within the fields of language and literature, and history among other subjects. All courses are taught in Spanish by faculty from the University of Málaga with local Spanish students.

Academic Year 3 2017-2018Aug 27, 2017 to Jul 1, 2018IMLY3117$23,500Program in Progress

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Hispanic Studies, Business & Spanish Language - Universidad de Málaga

This program offers Spanish language and culture courses taught at the beginning, high beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, while also offering elective courses taught in English. Courses are held at the University of Málaga's Centro Internacional de Español and are taught by host university faculty. Program participants will benefit from small class sizes. Classmates are international students for beginning through intermediate levels and ISA students for advanced level students.

Students will choose classes from the language level in which they are placed, in addition to electives taught in English. Students will enroll in a minimum of four and a maximum of five courses per semester.

Students may choose to incorporate an Intensive Month program before/after this program starts/ends for an additional cost. Please refer to the Intensive Month program section of the website for more information and to ensure that the program dates will align.

Gap students are also eligible for this program.

Please note that a student visa is required for programs over 90 days. Please reference the Student Visa & Embassy page for more information. Applying for a visa could require out of state travel.

Academic Year 2 2018-2019Sep 25, 2018 to Mar 30, 2019IMLY1218$19,500Late Acceptance May Be Possible, Contact ISA

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