International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987



Location: Spain


During this multi-day program welcome and orientation trip to Madrid, Spain's capital and main commercial hub, students will be introduced to key information about health and safety and equipped with basics of Spanish culture and history through the Bridging Cultures Program. Because Madrid is the geographic center of the Iberian Peninsula and is home to an enviable share of Spain's cultural, artistic and architectural wonders, it provides an ideal introductory stop for ISA Spain students.

During the stay in Madrid, students will expand their knowledge about Spanish history, culture and politics. Students will visit Madrid de los Austrias, which includes the Puerta del Sol, the Royal Palace, Plaza de Oriente, Plaza de la Villa, Plaza Mayor, and some of the city's oldest streets. Then students will visit one of Madrid's most prominent art museums, either the Prado or the Reina Sofia.

Available in the following sessions

  • Academic Year 1A 2018-2019 (Aug 29, 2018 to May 24, 2019)
  • Academic Year 1B 2018-2019 (Sep 19, 2018 to May 24, 2019)
  • Fall 3A 2018 + Service-Learning (Aug 27, 2018 to Dec 21, 2018)
  • Fall 3B 2018 + Service-Learning (Sep 20, 2018 to Dec 21, 2018)
  • Spring 3A 2018 + Service-Learning (Jan 3, 2018 to May 26, 2018)
  • Spring 3B 2018 + Service-Learning (Jan 19, 2018 to May 26, 2018)