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The Netherlands is one of the world's most prosperous countries given its natural resources and advanced role in industries and world commerce. The name Netherlands literally means "low lands" as over fifty percent of the nation's land is a meter below sea level and much of the country would be underwater if not for the intricate network of dykes and dams. With a long coastline and many rivers, lakes, and canals, the Netherlands is greatly characterized by water-fueling the iconic windmills that are scattered along the lush, green countryside.

Though large numbers of students from all over Europe and the world study in the Netherlands, it is not generally as frequented as a study abroad destination for US students. This creates a distinctive opportunity for ISA students to be fully immersed in this unique and culturally rich study location. The Netherlands also has one of the youngest populations in the European Union and a very high rate of English speakers, creating an active and forward-thinking society that is very accessible to foreign students.


Northwestern Europe bordered by Germany, Belgium, and the North Sea


Given the Netherland's long North Sea coastline, most of the country has a maritime climate characterized by mild summers and cold winters. The landscape is relatively flat and high winds are common, especially during the winter and summer months. The weather can often be unpredictable, with less rainfall from April to September.

Summers in the Netherlands are generally sunny and warm, with temperatures at about 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Although winters are more extreme with freezing temperatures and snow, this is a great time visit the Netherlands as there are very few tourists but a very active local population.

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