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The State Department

General Information

The U.S. State Department is an incredibly valuable source of information for anyone who is planning to travel and/or live abroad. One of the main objectives of the U.S. State Department is to protect and assist U.S. citizens living or traveling abroad. They also strives to keep the American public informed of any important issues developing around the world.

Their website contains a vast amount of information that will be helpful for students and parents who have concerns about international travel. The website offers information about travel advisories, tips for living abroad, U.S. foreign policy, ideas for American students abroad, international doctors/hospitals and more. In addition to passport/visa information, you may also access Country Specific Information for every country in the world.

The U.S. State Department recently launched a separate website specifically for students abroad, their parents, and study abroad advisors. We highly recommend visiting this website to learn more about being a student abroad.

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