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ISA is pleased to officially announce our new programs for 2019. Please feel free to click the links for each program to view the full details on the ISA website.

New Locations

Medellin, Colombia: EAFIT

  • Semester: International Business, Spanish Language & Courses with Locals
  • Summer: International Business
ISA is excited to expand on our experience and tradition in Colombia by adding the new location of Medellín. Students will study at EAFIT University, Medellín's most prestigious private university, specializing in business. The semester program boasts a wide variety of business courses instructed in English in addition to cultural electives, Spanish language, and courses with locals. Students seeking a short term business program can enroll in EAFIT?s 2-week International Business summer program.

Oxford, England: Oriel College - University of Oxford

  • Summer: Economics and Philosophy
Students studying at Oriel College, University of Oxford, are able to experience not only the rich educational history of the area, but also take courses in Economics and Philosophy. This exciting opportunity has been made possible through partnership with CBL, another division of WorldStrides, and allows students to take courses taught by faculty members from one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

New Partners

Tokyo, Japan: J.F. Oberlin University

  • Semester: International Studies, Japanese Language & Culture
  • Summer: Business, Japanese Language & Culture
Students studying at J.F. Oberlin University have the opportunity to study in an intensive Japanese language track or take a variety of Asian Studies courses in English, or even a combination of the two. Additionally, students now have the option through ISA to study abroad in Tokyo in the summer through J.F. Oberlin?s summer session, which offers business and culture courses in English as well as Japanese language.

Milan, Italy: Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA)

  • Semester: Design, Fashion & Digital Arts
  • Summer: Design, Fashion & Digital Arts
At Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA), the largest private art academy in Italy, students will be able to study Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Product Design and Interior Design. This unique opportunity allows students a practical education in one of the most influential design cities in the world.

Berlin, Germany: Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin

  • J-Term: International Business & Brewing Industry Brand Management
  • Summer: Business & the European Union
ISA is partnering with Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin (HWR) to offer summer courses in Business, Management, and Economics. Additionally, students can take the J-Term program where they will have the unique opportunity to study the German brewing industry. For both Summer and J-Term, courses are taught in English by local and visiting faculty at HWR.

Dublin, Ireland: Dublin City University

  • Semester: Business, Education, Liberal Arts & STEM
Students looking for programs in Dublin can now study Education, Humanities, Engineering, Science & Health, and Business through Dublin City University (DCU). With the exciting addition of DCU as an ISA partner, students are now able to study at nearly every major university in Dublin through ISA.

Valencia, Spain: Universitat de Valencia and Excel Sports

  • Summer: Soccer, Spanish Language & Culture in Valencia
ISA has teamed up with Excel Sports to offer a unique program for individual university athletes. Division 1, 2 and 3 soccer athletes will have daily training sessions, volunteer at a local youth sports clinic, tour some of Spain's most prominent facilities, all while taking two classes at the Universitat de Valencia.

New Academic Offers

Limerick, Ireland: University of Limerick - Summer: Health Sciences and Nursing

The Health Sciences & Nursing program at the University of Limerick (UL) offers a comprehensive introduction to Healthcare, Nursing, Physical Education, and Sports Science. This unique offering includes the Active Body, Active Mind course, where students will be able to participate in aerobic and anaerobic exercises outdoors on UL's beautiful and spacious campus.

Meknes, Morocco: ISA Study Center - Summer: Intensive Arabic Language

Students will participate in a 6 week Intensive Arabic Language program where they can earn 9 hours of credit by taking Arabic Language, Arabic for Diplomacy, International Relations and Politics, and Darija. This program is open to students at the Intermediate Arabic Language level or higher and meets the requirements for the FLAS scholarship.

Madrid, Spain: Universidad Antonio de Nebrija - Summer: Sports Management

This unique 2 week program offered at the Antonio de Nebrija University offers a comprehensive approach to the various management and business aspects of sports industries in Spain.

Lectures and workshops will be enhanced by hands-on field trips to many of Madrid's stadiums and training centers.

Seoul, South Korea: Hanyang University - J-Term: Korean Language and Electives

Students studying at Hanyang University?s J term program have the opportunity to take various courses in Business, Engineering, Liberal Arts, and even in Korean Beauty and Make-up. This program offers two back-to-back tracks during the winter break from January through February, which perfectly lines up with any of ISA?s Spring programs in South Korea.

New Internship and Service-Learning Programs

Internships in Tokyo (Full time 8 weeks)

An 8- week career-building internship in Tokyo will provide participants experience in one of the world?s fastest-moving economies with placements available in a wide range of industries. Being a global economic hub, supervisors' expectations of interns tend to be higher and knowing some Japanese could prove helpful. For those looking for different internship lengths, we will offer a 6- week and 12-week option for spring 2019.

Service-Learning in Brisbane (Full-time 4 and 8 weeks)

A 4-week or 8-week service-learning program in Brisbane gives participants the chance to explore sunny Brisbane while getting an insider perspective to the Aussie's approach to sustainable community development. Since English is the primary language spoken in Australia, participants don?t have to worry about a language barrier and can focus on using their skills to give back to this vibrant Australian community. No matter what kind of service experience participants are looking for, Brisbane?s got them covered.

Service-Learning in Limerick (Full time 4 and 8 weeks and Combos)

A 4-week or 8-week service-learning program in Limerick gives participants the opportunity to learn about the Irish culture while supporting local education and community development initiatives. Since English is the primary language spoken in Ireland, participants don?t have to worry about a language barrier and can focus on using their skills to give back to this unique Irish community. Students participating in academic semester program may add service-learning to their program.

New ISA Veritas Christian Study Abroad Programs

Veritas in Dunedin, New Zealand (Semester)

ISA-Veritas is opening a Study Abroad + Missions program in Dunedin, New Zealand at the University of Otago in the Spring of 2019. ISA-Veritas Dunedin semester and year programs allow students to select courses from a wide variety of fields of study allowing their study abroad experience to fit their individual academic needs. Courses are conducted through the University of Otago and taught in English by host university professors. Students who study abroad on a Veritas program in Dunedin will work with our Mission Mentor, Peren Mountfort, to engage the culture through service and community outreach.