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What's Suva Like?

Suva is a city of diversity, from its many languages to its numerous cultural influences to its varied population. Along with English, Fiji has two other official languages: Fijian and Fiji Hindi. Other island languages can be heard in Suva as well. The variations in language reflect the variety of the population, as the city is home to native Fijians as well as other Pacific Islanders and people of European decent.

This variation is also reflected in Suva's cuisine and architecture. Buildings dating from the early days of European settlement are interspersed with modern business buildings. Restaurants throughout the city offer traditional Fijian cuisine alongside Chinese, Indian, Italian, and numerous others. Suva is also home to numerous festivals celebrating music, crafts, trade, and culture, as well as the Hibiscus Festival, the largest carnival in the South Pacific Islands.

Region and Population

Suva is located in the Rewa Province, Central Division, on the island of Viti Levu. The city has a population of over 88,600 people. Most of the population is either Indigenous Fijian or Indo-Fijian. Ethnic minorities include Caucasians, part-Europeans, and Chinese


Suva, along with the rest of Fiji, experiences a tropical rainforest climate, receiving large amounts of precipitation with little temperature fluctuation.

Being in the Southern hemisphere, the summer months, December - February, temperatures rise to around 84 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter months June - August, temperatures drop to around 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

Avg. Rainfall11.410.714.412.

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