International Studies Abroad ®est. 1987


Saint Malo

Location: France


Located at the mouth of the Rance River in the Bretagne region, Saint-Malo was a fortified island during the Middle Ages. Its proud, defiant townsfolk once declared themselves an independent republic with the motto "not French, not Breton, but Malouins." The walled port city was notorious for piracy and a haven for mercenaries throughout much of modern history. Today it is a major tourist destination, with many ancient buildings and accessible ramparts. It also has the highest concentration of seafood restaurants in Europe and is famous for serving delicious local oysters from the nearby village of Cancale.

This excursion allows students to discover the French history of another important town. Since the Middle Ages Saint Malo has played a key role in maritime trading. Famous sailors, such as Jacques Cartier, sailed in and out of this
port, which was often controlled by privateers who forced foreign ships to pay tribute. Today the town is a popular tourist destination with many people flocking there to take advantage of the excellent seafood and beaches during the summer months.

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