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Arts & French Language - Institut Catholique de Paris

Back to Back Summer 1 2018


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March 25, 2018

Application Due Date:

April 10, 2018

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*prices and dates are subject to change

Hours & Credits

180 - 210

Contact Hours

12 - 14

Recommended U.S. Semester Credits

18 - 21

Recommended U.S. Quarter Units

Sessions Available

This back-to-back program offers students the unique opportunity to discover Paris through the arts and French language for two months, giving them a chance to truly immerse themselves in the Parisian culture for an entire summer without needing a student visa (for U.S. citizens). Students will have two course options for each month-long session of this program:

Option 1: 1 French Language Course + 1 Fine Arts Course
Option 2: 2 Fine Arts courses

Fine Arts Courses:
The fine arts courses treat the city of Paris as the classroom, where instructors lead students through museums and monuments of interest throughout the city. The aim of these courses is to relay the foundations and histories of various forms of art (such as painting, photography, cinema, and fashion) to students to use in their daily lives and potentially their own work. For those moments when classroom time is needed, arts courses may be held in ISA Paris office's classroom space. All arts courses are taught by visiting instructors and are open exclusively to ISA Paris students, creating instant bonds among program participants.

French Language Courses:
French language courses are available to students from all language backgrounds, from the true beginning (débutant) to the superior (supérieur) language levels. Through a pre-departure online placement exam, students will be placed into the most appropriate French language course to foster their linguistic growth. Courses target the competencies of written and verbal communication and comprehension. These classes are comprised of international students from every corner of the world, providing students with distinct perspectives and environments from which to learn. All courses are taught in French by host university faculty at the Institut Catholique de Paris in its Institut de Langue et de Culture Française (ILCF).

Gap students, 18 years old and older, are eligible for this program.

Arts & French Language - Institut Catholique de Paris