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Housing Information

ISA housing provides the opportunity for students to experience aspects of the Moroccan lifestyle that are inaccessible to the average visitor to Morocco. All ISA housing options are either within walking distance or conveniently located to public transit routes. Taxis are also an affordable transportation alternative. Travel times to the various university buildings generally range between 5-10 minutes depending on housing and class locations. For more information on transportation in Meknes, click here.

The experience of living in another culture will be both educational and rewarding so long as you stay open-minded and reasonable at all times. There are differences in culture and lifestyle between Morocco and the U.S. Remember: the key to a positive experience is flexibility. With this in mind, you can become a true Meknesi!

ISA Apartments

These apartments are fully furnished and located in the center of the Ville Nouvelle, also known as Hamria, the modern city built by the French. Laundry facilities and Wifi are included. Students have convenient access to public transportation routes, shopping, restaurants, and nightlife. Students can easily rely on public transportation to get to the ISA Meknes Study Center, or enjoy about a 10 minute walk.

You will be provided with three meals a day (except on Sundays and ISA excursion days) and the services of a housekeeper. Vegan and vegetarian diets can be accommodated. Students wanting additional snacks and/or food are responsible for purchasing these goods from local markets, grocery stores or restaurants.

Students may have the opportunity to live with a Moroccan family. These accommodations are offered upon availability and interested students should contact the Site Specialist to inquire about living in a homestay. Meal accomodations are the same as those provided to students who opt for the apartment option. Wifi is also included in a homestay.