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Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand, home to one in three New Zealanders. The "Super City," as it is often referred to, touches the Pacific Ocean on the eastern side and the Tasman Sea on the western side. The city is a fast-paced urban environment of international businesses, restaurants, entertainment venues, sporting events, and shopping centers, all bordered by Auckland's three harbors, two mountain ranges, more than fifty islands, and forty-eight volcanic cones.

Auckland, the largest Polynesian city in the world, is home to a mix of innumerable international cultures, from Europe, North America, Asia, and the Pacific. The Maori name for Auckland, Tamaki Makaurau, means "the maiden with a hundred lovers," once a reference to the many Maori tribes who wished to claim the land. The name is equally appropriate now, as a reflection of the many people of various ethnicities who have made Auckland their home.

Auckland's stunning geographic and cultural variations make it a fantastic place to visit no matter your interests. Explore the islands and volcanic cones on foot or bicycle, wander Auckland's many museums and cultural centers, or enjoy find dining and shopping throughout the city. As New Zealand's transportation hub, traveling to any other part of the country is easy, making this city the ideal base for exploring.

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Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines - The University of Auckland
University of Auckland


(Jul 9, 2017 to Nov 21, 2017)IAKF3217$14,950


(Feb 9, 2018 to Jun 26, 2018)IAKS3218$14,850
(Early Jul, 2018 to Late Nov, 2018)IAKF3218$14,850
Humanities, Business, Design, Communication & Maori Studies - AUT University
AUT University


(Feb 9, 2018 to Jun 24, 2018)IAKS3118$13,450
(Early Jul, 2018 to Mid Nov, 2018)IAKF3118$13,450