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Culture Corner

The ISA Cusco Office

The main ISA Cusco office is conveniently located a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas (main square). Our friendly resident staff is available to you at all times and will provide support during the enrollment process, assist with housing, and offer travel advice. In addition, the office serves as a place where you can visit with the ISA staff, receive tutoring, utilize academic and other resources, and check the ISA bulletin board for upcoming ISA, community, and cultural events. The ISA office has a computer lab and wi-fi for student use. The ISA staff will make sure that you have complete access to university resources, including their computer lab and wi-fi area.

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Universidad de Salamanca Cursos Internacionales en Cusco

The Universidad de Salamanca Cursos Internacionales en Cusco is located at the ISA Study Center, and was developed in partnership with the Universidad de Salamanca to meet the ever-growing interest in studying abroad in Cusco. Students take classes at the study center with other ISA students, and classes are taught by local, visiting and US faculty. Students can take courses in Spanish and/or Quechua, culture, history and literature, and students engage in learning that promotes understanding of their new culture and surroundings. All students will receive an official transcript from the Universidad de Salamanca, upon successful completion of the program.

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ISA Housing

You will stay with a Peruvian family or pensión in a middle-class neighborhood. Many students will live in the within walking distance or close to a bus stop to easily arrive at the ISA facility for their classes.

Although homes will vary, all of them will provide a comfortable bed and good light for studying. Meals will vary with each family/pensión, however, students can generally count on a lot of rice, beans, potatoes, protein and salad. We also have host families that cater to vegetarians and other student requests.

Remember that little courtesies will mean a great deal to your host family/pensión and those around you. If you enjoyed a meal, be sure to compliment the person who prepared it. Keep an open mind and try new things.

While staying with a host family or in a pensión, be respectful. If you come home late at night take care to not wake up others. Also, talk to your host about your schedule so that they will know what to expect. If you can't make it for a meal or if you'll be home late in the evening, call your host and let him/her know so that they are not unduly concerned.

In general, it is best if you socialize with your friends in a café and not the host family's home in which you are staying. Be sure to find out how your host feels about having guests over. This will alleviate any potential misunderstandings on either side before they occur.

To find out more about housing assignments, please visit the "Housing" section of the Cusco page.