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What's Stirling Like?

Stirling is a small city with a fascinating mix of old and new. The historic Stirling Castle and and Wallace monument are beautiful sites among the towns city centre bustling with retail stores, markets, museums and performance spaces. The city encompasses a beautiful scenery with the River Forth running through the middle and the rolling hills of the lower highlands amongst the city back drop. The city is thriving and has a reputation as one of the most attractive places to live in the U.K.

Stirling also plays host to the majority of national sport teams' training facilities. This provides the city and university will additional resources for promoting and creating recreation and organized sports leagues. Stirling is well connected with motorways and railways making it the perfect location for students wishing to visit other major cities or exploring the outdoors.

Region and Population

Stirling was granted official city status in 2002 as part of Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubliee. The city of Stirling has approximately 45,750 residents many of whom attend or work at the University of Stirling. The city is considered at the heart of Scotland with its position strategically located between the lowlands and highlands.


The city of Stirling's climate is typical to rest of central Scotland in that is is cool, cloudy & damp. It is however affected by the warm Gulf Stream air current from the Atlantic Ocean keeping the temperatures a bit more mild and providing less snow during the winter months. Stirling, similar to eastern Scotland, sees more sunshine than the western part of the country.
Avg. Rainfall1.451.472.133.545.114.656.905.714.683.552.421.85

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