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ISA Office

The ISA office is conveniently located in the center of Barcelona in a historic building near the University of Barcelona (UB), University and Menédez Pelayo International (UIMP) and one campus of the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF).

The ISA Barcelona office houses a classroom/meeting room, resident director offices, a bathroom, entryway, computer/Internet terminals and wireless capabilities for those who wish to bring their laptop. During normal office hours, students may visit to access the free computer/Internet facilities, receive tutoring, utilize academic and other resources, check the ISA bulletin board for upcoming group, community, and cultural events, or simply visit with the ISA staff.

The Universities

Pompeu Fabra University
The UPF is in the very heart of the city, stretching from the Rambla to the Olympic Village. It's responsible for the rehabilitation of historic buildings and has contributed to the renewal of the urban factories. The campus is located quite near to the seaside and is well connected with the rest of the city.

The Autonomous University of Barcelona
The UAB is located on two different campuses, the Eixample campus and the Sant Pau campus. The Eixample campus is located just outside of the city center. The Sant Pau campus is located down the street from the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. The buliding is attached to the Hospital Sant Pau, and old hospital that was built during the Art Nouveau period in Catalunya. Semester students will take courses from both campuses, while summer students take courses at the Eixample campus only.

The University of Barcelona
The UB is located 5 minutes away from the Plaza Cataluña. It is in the Plaza Universidad near the Plaza Catalunya in the middle of the Eixample or Ensanche. This zone is considered the "center" of Barcelona, part of the modern city. It is a tourist and commercial area and very active. It is also very close to Las Ramblas (the main pedestrian thoroughfare) and the Barrio Gótico.

The Menéndez Pelayo International University
The UIMP is conveniently located within walking distance of the ISA office, Plaza Catalunya, and Las Ramblas. Classes focus on Spanish language and culture.


Each homestay has been carefully selected and all families are centrally located within 15 to 40 minutes via public transportation to the four universities. Families are located throughout Barcelona and assigned with distance to university in mind.

The ISA furnished apartments are located in multiple neighborhoods throughout town. Each apartment is fully furnished and equipped with necessary ammenities. The apartments are all conveniently located to the universities and public transportation.

The residencia option is the most like American dorm-style living. Rooms are fully furnished, and occupied by two students, most often on the same program. ISA uses two different residencias, Onix and Melon, which are located just 3 blocks from eachother in the center of the city. Residents include ISA students, students from other program providers, or students studying abroad independently in Barcelona.

Some students may also have the option of securing their own housing independently. In doing so, they receive a refund for the portion price of their program allotted for housing, and must research, book and confirm their own housing. Resources to begin independent housing options include:

Residencia Onix:
Residencia Melon:
Residencia Ciutadella: (UPF students only)
Residencia Campus del Mar : (close to UPF, UPF students only)

To find out more about housing assignments, please visit the "Housing" section of the Barcelona page.

The lively and bustling Plaza Real, a great site for people-watching