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ISA has become one of the leading study abroad providers in the country by developing close professional relationships with study abroad offices, and by assisting each of our program participants through the study abroad process. In an effort to promote comprehensive campus internationalization, increase transparency, and extend our company culture, ISA offers advisors and faculty the opportunity to participate in Group Site Visits, Individual Site Visits, and Advisors' Workshops.

It is our hope that by visiting our program locations on an arranged Group Site Visit or an Individual Site Visit, or by attending an Advisors' Workshop at our headquarters in Austin, Texas, your knowledge of our programs, along with your confidence in ISA, will increase. We welcome the opportunity to host you at our program sites or at our head quarters in Austin, and would be delighted to share our passion for international education with you and your colleagues.

ISA Workshops
The ISA Workshop series features two distinctive options: ISA Workshop: Foundations and ISA Workshop: Beyond Foundations. These opportunities are great for both new and experienced partners to grow in partnership with ISA. For a description of the two workshops, please read the following:

ISA Workshop: Foundations
The ISA Workshop: Foundations offers an introductory overview of ISA programs, advising resources, the admissions process and pre-departure resources. The ISA Workshop: Foundations will offer information and facilitate discussions regarding many topics, including our Bridging Cultures Program, the Discovery Model and how to best utilize our Global Ambassador Program. Additionally, our participants will hear from our experts in each ISA Division: Internships, Service- Learning, Veritas, EuroScholars and Custom Programs and from ISA Departments: Institutional Agreements and Financial Affairs, Academic Affairs and Health, Safety and Security. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend country/city-specific sessions with the ISA Site Specialists for the areas most relevant to their student advising duties. We are also happy to setup discipline-specific meetings with our Academic Affairs department for your team members that may have advising portfolios based on colleges or majors.

ISA Workshop: Beyond Foundations
The ISA Workshop: Beyond Foundations provides participants whom are already familiar with ISA programs the opportunity to dive deeper into facilitated discussions on various topics and focus on projects specific to their campus needs. Topics of this workshop may include course mapping and curriculum integration, an in-depth analysis of health and safety policies and building a program portfolio for your campus. We will provide the tools to develop potential Internship and Service-Learning Cohorts, ISA Signature Programs, Exchange Partnership Support and Custom Programs. Participants can also expect facilitated group discussions on trends in Education Abroad and breakout conversations specific to each university's needs.

Please contact the ISA Workshop Team at

Group Site Visits
ISA offers multiple Group Site Visits during both the spring and fall semesters. Our Group Site Visit itinerary is designed to highlight our individual enrollment programs and typically includes visits to two or more ISA program sites, and consists of both academic and cultural activities. Group Site Visit participants will tour our host institutions, observe various classes, and meet with university personnel, including international office administrators and faculty when possible. In addition to host university visits, Group Site Visit participants will visit the ISA office at each site, during which they will meet the ISA staff responsible for supporting students during their study abroad program. Visitors will also be able to spend time with ISA students currently abroad, allowing visitors the opportunity to speak openly with students about their experience with ISA.

If your site assessment is intended to support development of Custom Programs, our WorldStrides ISA Custom Programs division hosts a complimentary familiarization program each year designed for this purpose. For an invitation, contact

- Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle - Australia: October 12-20, 2018
- Buenos Aires, Argentina and Florianopolis, Brazil: October 20-27, 2018
- Prague, Czech Republic and Amsterdam, The Netherlands: October 20-25, 2018
*optional Euroscholars (research) add-on: Leiden, The Netherlands and Leuven, Belgium: October 25-27
- Madrid, Valencia, Salamanca - Spain: November 10-17, 2018

Spring 2019
- Granada, Sevilla, Malaga- Spain: March 16-23, 2019
*optional add-on to Meknes, Morocco: March 16-28, 2019
- Meknes, Morocco: March 24-28, 2019
- Tokyo, Japan and Seoul & Busan, South Korea: March 31-April 6, 2019
- Lima and Cusco, Peru: March 23-30, 2019
*optional add-on to Machu Picchu: March 23-31, 2019
- Auckland and Wellington - New Zealand: March 22-30, 2019

Non-Affiliate: $500
Affiliate: $250 (50% discount)

Application deadlines:
- Fall 2018: Friday, August 17, 2018
- Spring 2019: Friday, January 19, 2019

To learn more about ISA Group Site Visits, please contact the ISA Outreach Coordinator at

Individual Site Visits
ISA offers Individual Site Visits at all of our program locations, allowing study abroad advisors and faculty to gain first-hand knowledge of our individual enrollment program offerings, host university curriculum, and ISA on-site support. The itinerary for an Individual Site Visit is tailored to best meet the specific needs and objectives of the visitor. A typical individual site visit itinerary can include a meeting with our on-site staff to review ISA's program offerings, along with visits to the host university and ISA student housing. Individual Site Visits can be planned as a half- or full-day visit, depending on the visitors' availability.

Our WorldStrides ISA Custom Programs team can also support private site visits to assess a site for Custom Program development. Please reach out to the WorldStrides ISA Custom Programs team at to explore this possibility.

If you or a colleague are planning to travel to a city where an ISA program is located and are interested in an Individual Site Visit, please send the available dates for the visit, areas of interest and/or site visit objectives, and any other pertinent information to the ISA Outreach Coordinator at Please note that Individual Site Visit costs are not subsidized by ISA. We need 45 days advanced notice and depending on the time of year (such as May and June), we may not be able to accommodate individual site visits due to staff availability.